eBook "Coco and Flo"
Published in 2020 via Kindle

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  • Available from Amazon, ISBN: 9789082346015
  • pages 530 (paperback pages)
  • size 9,6 Mb,
  • date: 01-09-2020.

Coco and Peter are part of a great adventure through America's past and present. Apparently, this lanky, uncertain, tall cyclist with his red sweatpants and clumsy English has something disarming which results in beautiful, interesting and sometimes fascinating encounters.
But during the euphoria at the west coast, a terrible event with a traumatic ending makes the beauty of the trip suddenly change into complete darkness. After a quarter of a century of banning this episode from his life, a song on the radio triggered Peter to go looking for his notes. It was time to remove the shield around this part of his history and to tell the one he loves about his tragedy.

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