Pole Dancing

  At seven o‘clock, we walked via the St Charles Ave. toward the French Quarter.

   During the walk, I told Stephan about the Jazz band at the Maison Jazz club.

   Moments later, we passed the club, but Stephan suggested it was too early to go inside, maybe a little later in evening.


   A few minutes later we stopped in front of an establishment. The signs and the music that came out of the establishment indicated that the entertainment inside was the noble art of erotic pole dancing.

   This knowledge automatically created an imaginary barrier for me, but also a strong attraction, like a magnet.


   I hesitated.

   Alone, I would never enter this establishment, not because I’m not very curious, but because I was uncertain, nervous and chicken.

   Maybe Stephan felt the same, but together it was possible to take this imaginary barrier.

   Inside it was crowded, sultry and with only men sitting at the bar.

   My eyes widened in astonishment.

   My hormones started to get wild, and I did not get them to calm.


   What is this with men?

   There seems to be an extra sensitivity in our nervous system through which a signal leads to neurological and chemical reactions in the brain that causes a rush of sexual arousal and energy.

   The excitement is due to the increase in production of the hormone testosterone.

   The production level of testosterone is in everybody different, and therefore the degree of our sexual urge.

   Men can be asexual, but also oversexed, and they cannot do anything about it.

   Still, we are responsible for how we deal with it, appropriate and respectful.


   After being hypnotized for a minute or more, the whole picture of inside the room was enough reason for my brain to give signals to produce more testosterone. 

   The direct result was a sensational warm feeling running through my body, from head to toe. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just a chemical reaction.


   This establishment did not only use the bar for their glasses but at the same time, it was a stage. Mainly men were sitting on the barstools, and topless ladies paraded on the bar, serving drinks.

   The only way to participate in this event was to confiscate a barstool at the bar.

   It was probably time between two shows because we could fairly easily confiscate, occupy, seize, impound or in normal words, take place on, two barstools, but not next to each other.


   The ladies were topless, wearing lingerie and were serving exotic drinks while walking on the bar where my eyes were in line with their rump.

   It means at the height of their sexy panties, and this did not help me to calm down my hormones.

   The girls came so close that you could smell and touch them. Even the perfume was probably made to increase the hormone production.

   There, however, were strict rules not to touch the girls.

   I saw that a man who raised his hand, probably with the intention to touch the bottom of a lady, was tapped gently on the shoulder by a guard who was walking behind the men.    

   The guard shaked his head, warning the man not to continue what he was intending to do.

   I convinced myself that I was at an age where you need to learn what life is all about.

   The whole scene, the music, the perfume and the exotic drinks did not help me to think clearly and this feeling was pleasant.

   What I did not know was that it was only a prelude for what was coming.


   When all people at the bar got their exotic drinks, a beautiful black topless lady came from behind the stage and began with her show.

   Virginia was her stage name, and Virginia started an erotic dance, but it was not ordinary or vulgar at least not for me.

   At home, I once saw a modern dance play by dancers from Scapino Ballet. Their performance was also a kind of sensual dance, but at that time I didn’t have the feeling I had at this moment, and the female dancers were not topless.

   I recognized a professional dancer in the black girl in front of me.

   She could easily be part of a group like Scapino.

   With her performance on this famous street, she probably earned a lot more money.


   I forgot the whole world around me and was absorbing the beautiful, moving body, even the expression on her face was part of the dance.   

   Her act moved slowly to a pole in the middle of the stage.

   She intertwined herself with the pole as if she was making love with this object.

   Virginia climbed the pole as if the pole was lifting her, higher and higher, until a climax.

   Two meters above the floor, she turned, moved, twisted legs high, all with the same grace.


   After her performance, which lasted for twenty minutes, she got an enormous applause and men were throwing dollars at her on the stage.


   There were probably regular guests who knew the ritual and possibilities because one guy took a ten dollar note,

   folding it in length and in the middle like a ^ and placed the note on the bar in front of himself.

   Virginia came up to him as she danced, turned her backside toward him, bended slowly, and picked up the ten dollar note using her glutes. For a moment she was his private dancer.

   More and more men followed his example and in a short time span, she earned a lot of money.

  There were a few other quite innocent but exciting dexterity games with many of her typical female parts involved.

   The person sitting next to me directed the weirdest one. He gave her some money and whispered something in her ear, but I didn’t hear what he’d asked her.

   She gave a sign to the guard, and he closed the front door.


  After the door was closed, Virginia danced in front of my neighbor, took his glasses from his nose and placed the glasses between the seam of her panties and her body.

   The guy was still not allowed to use his hands so his face went toward her panties trying to put the glasses on his nose without using his hands.

   He had to manoeuvre carefully.

   With his nose against her panties and with a face that was getting red, he was trying to get his glasses on his nose again.

   After some attempts and a little pushing with his nose against her pussy, he managed to get his glasses on his face without using his hands.

   She gave him a kiss on his forehead, and the show was over.


   The whole show took probably a half-hour and looking at Stephan, who was sitting ten barstools away, he was intending to stay for another round to see what was coming next.

   The topless bar girls came back and we had to order a new expensive exotic drink.

   When my neighbor left, Stephan came and took the seat.

   We talked for a while about the performance of Virginia. 

   After thirty pleasant minutes drinking, talking and watching the bar girls leave the stage. We were at the beginning of a new performance.

   This time, it was a lady with a white skin.

   She was beautiful, but very nervous and certainly not a professional dancer.

   The fact that her dance was not professional and not sensual had a negative effect on my brain. It did not send the primitive signals down below anymore.

   It was not fair and it was bad programming to let her perform directly after the professional dance of Virginia.

   I noticed that most men lost interest, emptied their glasses and one by one left the club. 

   It wasn’t nice to the girl, but we also decided to leave before her performance ended.