Yesterday I told the people at the Raleigh shop that I would be back around noon so I took the bus at 11:00am11:00 not knowing that it would take the bus 2.5 hours going a complete different route.

   I arrived at the shop at around 1:30pm13:30 and apologized for being so late.

   The two guys of yesterday were in the shop, only Flo had a day off. 

   The tallest one was, I think, 4 inches shorter than I was, thin and had a nice friendly female face and his nickname was Nathan.

   The other one was around 5.9ft1.8m, tough appearance, leather jacket, tattoos, in other words he looked like a member of a motor gang.

   Not someone you want to meet in a quiet dark alley.


   The strange thing that happened was that from the moment I talked to him all the prejudices disappeared because he had a very friendly voice and told me about his family, his wife and daughter with a lot of love. His name was Tyler.

   Soon I found out that Nathan, Tyler and Flo had worked together for a long time and in a very friendly, relaxed way, like real friends.

   Nathan was very shy and didn’t say too much, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t interested in the conversation because he was listening carefully.

   Tyler was more the talker and he told me that Nathan and Flo were sharing the same apartment not like lovers, but because it saved cost and that all three of them were good friends since primary school.

   Tyler left for a moment because Flo asked him to call her when I arrived, Nathan and she were living within walking distance and she wanted to explain to me the details of the repair herself.

   When Tyler was gone Nathan was searching for the words to continue the conversation and after a few seconds when I wanted to break the silence he started with a good question about my roots.

   I told him I came from the Netherlands, but I saw that it did not ring a bell.

   My second attempt was that I was from Holland but there was still no sign of recognition.

   To make it even more confusing, I told him I was Dutch.

   I saw that he got more and more insecure because it did not sound familiar to him either.

   “Do not worry, most Americans have the same reaction, but when they hear about Amsterdam, which is by the way not a country but a city in the Netherlands, all bells are suddenly ringing.”

    When I mentioned Amsterdam, it looked that his shy character changed and he was much more open.

   He told me he had heard exciting stories about Amsterdam from friends.

   Tyler was coming back and told me Flo would be there within a few minutes.

   He overheard the name Amsterdam and asked me whether it’s true what they say about Amsterdam.

   I told him that every word, suggestion, crazy story about Amsterdam was true… and more.

   Name it; bicycles are in charge not cars, legal coffee shops selling marihuana, legal sex houses and tolerance about sex preference in any variation.

   You could find it all in Amsterdam.

   In spite of this all, Amsterdam had a lower percentage of rape, murders and other crimes compared to all of the big cities in America.

   Love and tolerance was the motto!

   Some American vicars were calling Amsterdam the city of Sodom and Gomorra.

  At that moment, Flo came in.


   For the first time I looked at Flo with more interest. She definitely had an Indian background.

   With her long black hair, she covered most of the left side of her face.

   Actually, it was a pity, because she had an insanely attractive face.

   When I tried to look behind the curtains of her hair, I saw that the left side of her face was heavily marked.

   Looking a little better, I saw that no inch was untouched by a deformed skin. She was missing her left ear and probably missing a left eye because it was covered with a black eye patch. 


   I was so fascinated by the contradiction between left and right that I forgot that I was staring at her face, unabashedly long.


  “Peter, do you know I never met a man who investigated my face with such shameless interest,” Flo commented.

   I probably started blushing.

   “However, I love it and I hate people who are trying to avoid a face to face.”

   Me, I haven’t had problems with the left part of my face for a long time now.”

   “By the way, at the moment you are looking more like a tomato, it fits with the collar of your training suit, but your original collar looks more natural,” she teased me.

    Despite or maybe because she looked like a tough woman I took a risk by asking her straight forward about the left part of her face?


   She told me that it had happened when she was twenty and that was for her the end of this topic.

    I respected that or it was more that I did not dare to continue asking about it so I changed the subject smoothly.


   I told her how thankful I was for what she had done for Coco.

   “Wait till Nathan gives you the bill,” she reacted with a smile.

   Let me tell you all about the repairs because that is the reason why you are visiting us again today.

   Coco was great, she did not complain when I replaced her old wheel with a new one and she liked it when I told her I would replace the gears from the old to the new wheel. Coco even let me know, in her own way, she liked me,” she hit me with her funny remarks for the second time.


   While Flo was talking I was thinking about last week when I saw the movie The Beauty and the Beast on TV. Originally it was a French fairy tale from 1946. This version was produced in 1976.

  Strange enough when I was looking at her face and the contradiction between the right and left part of her face (beauty versus beast) I was thinking about that movie.

   Sometimes, I say ‘stupid’ things without realizing that I was moving on thin ice. This was such a moment when I told her about the film the Beauty and the Beast and the link to her face.

   “In this fairytale the beast was ugly on the outside, but he was beautiful on the inside. At the end of the fairy tale, the beauty did not see the ugliness of the Beast anymore. For her, he became a beauty because of his character.

   Before I ended this tactless comparison, I already regretted it and wanted to say sorry for this rude, stupid remark.

   However, her face began to shine,

   “The Beauty and the Beast, that’s the best description I’ve ever heard.

   I will never forget you for this!” her voice sounded a little touched, but I can be wrong.

   “Is that the exact title of the movie?”

   “Yes, it was a TV-movie from 1976”

   “I definitely want to see that movie”, she told me.

   “Let’s change subject, you are a traveler, where do you stay tonight,” she asked.

   I told her that I would be staying at the YMCA for one more night, but I was a little worried about Coco because they wouldn’t let Coco inside the building.

   “You probably know already that Nathan and I share an apartment and I am sure he doesn’t mind when I invite you to stay the night in our apartment.”

   “That’s great, but all my belongings are still in my room at the YMCA.”

   “I can drive you there with my motorbike and you can get your things and we’ll drive back to my apartment”

   “Deal,” I firmly reacted.

   “Let’s not waste any time, pay your bill and we will leave right away.”

   I went to the cash desk and asked Nathan, who was standing behind it for the bill. I started to like Flo even more when Nathan told me the new wheel and inner and outer cover would cost me $37, -.


   This shop was more than only a bicycle shop. They also had a bike section where they sold and repaired motorbikes.

   I walked with Flo, along the bikes and on her way, she took a motor suit and helmet from the assortment in the shop and put it in front of me.

  “That will do,” she told me.

   We entered the workshop where Flo’s motor and helmet was hanging on a coatrack (peg).

   When we changed into motor devils we took the backdoor where we came on a small private courtyard were Flo’s bike was standing.

   “There he is!” she told me with pride in her voice.

   “It’s the best, the Dunstall Suzuki GS1000CS, the newest and fastest motor and the first commercially produced bike with aerodynamics and fairings.”

It will accelerate through the quarter-mile0.4km  in 11.32 seconds and attain a top speed of over 150-mph.”    

   It did not ring a bell to me but I didn’t lie when I told her that it was an impressive bike.

   She went to the bike and prepared it for a drive. When she was ready to go, she asked me to sit behind her. With a push of a button she opened the door to the real world.

   She advised me to hold on tight and at that same moment, with a dizzying acceleration and a frightening roar, she spurted onto the street, it was 2:00pm14:00.

   On this motor, she was a real roadrunner. The motor accelerated from zero to 50 miles80km  per hour in a few seconds. It felt terrific, sensational and the way it pushed me against her body made it even more exciting.

   I shouted in her ear that it was sensational and suggested to give me a detour. She put her right thumbs high up as a sign she understood.

   Within 10 minutes she was on the 59, the inner ring road of Houston. On the highway, she added more gas and this was at the same time frightening and exciting. At the junction with interstate 610 we took this road north till we saw Memorial Park on our left.

   At that moment, Flo left the interstate and entered Memorial Park on the Westside.

   Directly after we entered the park we saw the signs of Arboretum & Nature Centre. Flo followed this sign and at the end of the road, there were some parking spots.


   “I often visit this park during my free hours. I love some peace and quiet after a busy day. This piece of nature in the very heart of Houston is 155 acres with 5mi8km five miles of walking trails and plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of some wildlife.

   Before 1936, when it opened its doors, it was a World War I US Army training camp.”

   We visited the hummingbirds and butterflies and explored a small part, the Memorial Park.

   At a recreation area, we had a simple picnic and while I took my first bite into a sandwich, I asked Flo about her Indian roots.

   “I’m one hundred percent Coushattas Indian. The Coushattas lived in the territory of present-day Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama until the Europeans came.

   Our tribe consisted traditionally of mainly farmers, growing a variety of corn, beans and squash, and supplementing ourselves by hunting and fishing. The tribe was known for their craftsmanship in the area of basketry.

   Under pressure from the European settlers in the 17th-18th centuries, the Coushatta migrated into present-day Alabama.

   Nowadays the Coushatta have a small reservation in the Big Thicket near Livingston and are fighting for federal recognition.

   My grandparents lived there until they died.

   My parents both original Coushattas manage to move from the reservation to Hempstead but even after the dead of my grandparents, they often visited Big Thicket. Their tribe consists of 1,100 people and developed several successful tourist attractions.”

   “Do you still visit the reservation in Big Thicket?” was my logical follow-up question.

   “No, not for years the reason is the Beast part of me.

   There was this guy living in Arkansas whose parents both were also Coushattas but both died young by a car accident.

   He had previously been in jail were he got interested in his roots.

   He became fanatically fascinated and obsessed by the idea that he had to save the culture of his tribe.

   In jail, he set his goals to find the right candidate for himself to guarantee his posterity.

   She had to be a healthy and beautiful, hundred percent Coushatta. Her only purpose in life should be to give birth to children and as many as possible.

   When he got out of prison he frequently visited the reservation to find the right girl. However, none of the girls in the reservation were good enough for him.

   The Coushattas in the reservation did not like him and did not like the way he was searching for a candidate and they were unaware of his criminal history.

   During one of my visits with my parents to the reservation, we met him shortly and at that moment, he selected me as the chosen one.   

   He talked with my parents, first on a friendly base, but later he got threatening.  He told them that for the sake of the Coushattas they had to arrange a marriage between him and their daughter.

   From the first meeting on, my father told him they were against this arranged marriage.

   They got worried about this creepy stranger so for my sake they did not visit the reservation anymore.

   Nevertheless, that did not help me because the man found out where we lived and he started to call me and stalk me for more than six months.

   I called the police because I wanted to end this nightmare.

   They told me he had a criminal history of violence and arrested him so they could have a talk with him. They told him not to call me or come near me anymore.

   Legally they had nothing to keep him in jail or to forbid him from calling me.

   The day after the arrest, he called me and told me that I would be sorry for the rest of my life and that he would ruin my pretty face.

   ”If I cannot own you, I will find a way that nobody wants you, never again!”

    A week later when I was in local café with a friend, he suddenly was standing in front of me with a devilish smile.

   “You know I promised you something and I always keep my promises “.

   The next moment he threw sulphuric acid in my face.

   In a reflex, I turned one side so he would miss the right part of my face.

   He ran away but was arrested and received a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 12 years.

   The acid blinded me in my left eye, and caused partial third and fourth degree burns. I was put into a coma for eight days. I have been through thirty-five surgical operations and wore a plastic facemask for five months. Nevertheless, the burns were so serious that a full reconstruction of the face was not possible.

   During my recovery, I returned to my parents and my mother who was a nurse, gave up her job so she could look after me.

   Later I went to Houston and together with my old school friends Tyler and Nathan we started this bike shop partly with the assurance money I received.”


   “Wow, what a story?” was the only thing I could say.

   We spend two hours in this unique park and it was still too short.


   Around 5:00pm17:00 Flo stopped in front of the YMCA and told me she would stay with her bike in front of the building while I would get my belongings and checked-out.

   I gave her the helmet and went inside where I ran into the two guys from yesterday.

   They were surprised about my outfit and I gave them a short update about what happened and asked them if they had a great time yesterday.

   “Yes but probably nothing compared to your day.”

   They wanted to tell me all about yesterday but I told them I had to get my things and checkout because the girl with the Dunstall Suzuki was waiting for me in front of the building.

   We said goodbye and I went to my room, grabbed my stuff, went to the reception and checked out, all within ten minutes.

   The girl behind the desk told me she was very sorry, but I still had to pay for the night because checkout time was 12 noon24:00. I told her I understood and paid the bill.

   Fifteen minutes after our arrival, we left the YMCA in the direction of Flo’s apartment.

   Around half past six she entered the private courtyard behind the shop and placed the bike where we’d found it earlier that day.

   After taking off the motor suits, we went inside the shop for a moment and she told Nathan and Tyler we would go to her apartment.

   She also asked Tyler if he would join us for dinner.

   “I will be there with my wife and kid at eight.” Tyler answered.

   On our way to the backdoor of the shop she told me the motorbike wasn’t really hers, “It just came in for a customer and I always have to make a test-drive before delivering.”


   The apartment of Flo and Nathan was not very big, around 35 square meters.

   They had separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living room.

    It was on the third floor and the apartment had a rather large balcony.

   The quality of the workmanship was excellent and Flo and Nathan had a modern decor, it was definitely my style!

   From outside, the whole building seemed to be recently renovated.

   It was a good neighborhood and in their street, there were a lot of nice shops, restaurants and bars. Overall, a great place to live.


   After I gave her my honest opinion about her apartment and neighborhood, we drank some wine and talked about what to do with dinner.

   She told me she didn’t like to slave in the kitchen for hours, but for this occasion, she didn’t want to go for fast food either.

   I told her I liked to help so we could talk and drink wine in the kitchen while we prepared dinner.


   “It is around six and Nathan and Tyler will be here around eight so we can make our plan, buy things at the supermarket and before eight everything will be ready,” was my suggestion.

   She sounded enthusiastic about that idea, but with a reservation,   

   “I’m not too creative if it has to do with cooking.

   Do you know what we can cook?”

   “How old is Tyler’s kid” was my counter question.

   “Eleven months, so we don’t have to prepare something for her.”   

   “Do we have to deal with any special diets, or is somebody vegetarian.” I wanted to know.

   “We all don’t value dinner like a social event, it is required, it must taste good and we do not want to have much dishwashing to do afterwards. Most of the time this means fast-food!”


   “I only have a few recipes with the ingredients in my notebook and one I already made once in a motel room on my stove.

   It is easy to make and it doesn’t take much time.

   Nevertheless, it is almost restaurant worthy. I will do the dishes, that is my way of thanking you for your invitation.”

   “Deal!” she said.


   “The only difference is that we have to prepare it for four people instead of two. It does not really influence the preparation time. Let us check what you got and what we have to buy.

   The Ingredients for the main dish are; 400 gram salmon, Courgette, Leek, Broth, Dill, Spaghetti. Let us take Soup as starter and after the main dish, we will have Ice cream, chocolate and finish it with cappuccino and liquor.


   I asked Flo if the guests all liked to drink wine at dinner and she confirmed.

   “I don’t see wineglasses?”

   “We just use those glasses”

   “OK, the list is ready, do you like to shop now or do we first drink another glass of wine? “ I asked.

   “Let’s go shopping first it is only a ten minute walk from here. It has everything you need.”  

   I found a nice fish soup that we only had to heat-up. The rest was also available and it cost us not more than getting fast food.


   As a present for her and Nathan, I bought six wineglasses, six placemats and some candles.

   At the apartment, we directly installed ourselves in the kitchen. We prepared dinner the same way as I did with Ashley in the motel in New Iberia a week ago, only now we had a luxurious kitchen to do our cooking.

   We used the new wineglasses and after we drank a few glasses of wine, Flo asked me about the other occasion I prepared this recipe.

   I told her how I met Ashley and how we cooked it in a Motel in New Iberia.

  “You probably met a lot of people during your trip, are they all just incidents.”

  “Before I answer you this question I will first get my notebook.”

   I went for my notebook in my bag and went back to the kitchen.

   We both placed ourselves at the kitchen table while I showed her the list of people whose addresses and telephone numbers I’d added in my notebook.

   I told her that every one of them had a permanent place in my memory and they would be there for the rest of my life and if I got old and forgetful I still would have this notebook to refresh my memory.

   A few like Stephan and Ashley, I promised to call during my cycling trip and some of them I’d regularly send postcards.

  We went through all names and I told her how I met each of them.


   “To be honest, in some cases, it was hard to say goodbye because within that short time it felt so good.    

   However, my goal for this journey is not to fall in love, but to cycle coast to coast. 

   My escape is that the time is too short and the urge to continue my trip is too strong.”


  “That’s the most bull-shit pretext I’ve ever heard.

   I should throw you out of my house, but I don’t know how to finish dinner and you promised me to do the dishes.”

  She smiled.

   “It’s 7:45pm19:45, let’s finish cooking and set the table before Nathan, Tyler and his wife Lily and little girl Ava arrive.” I finished this conversation.

At 8:00pm8:00 everything was ready, the dinner table was set with the placemats, wine glasses, candles, two plates per person (one for the soup) and napkins.

   Because the guests had not arrived yet, we filled our glasses again and Flo wanted me to go on with the list of persons in my notebook and the stories behind them. 

   Around 8:30pm20:30 Tyler, his wife, child and Nathan arrived and they did not believe their eyes when they saw the set table.

   Nathan was quite excited about it and told us that for this occasion he wanted to change clothes and before Flo could protest he rushed into his private room and locked the door.

   Flo looked worried,

   “Nathan, this is against our agreements,” she whispered to herself.

   She repacked herself and told me

   “Be aware it will take an hour before he will be ready, because it will be a complete makeover and he will not be Nathan anymore but Natasha.”

   Tyler and his wife Lily knew about this phenomenon, for me it was a surprising development.

   “I’m very curious, but I have to change and reschedule things in the kitchen or else it will not be very tasteful after an hour.”

   After I came back from the kitchen I examined the family of Tyler for a moment.

   Lily was more the opposite of Tyler. You would never expect that they were a match.

   She was small, and almost stylish and he was big, rough and more like a gang-member.

   Nevertheless, together in their behavior towards each other they were a perfect match.

   Soon I found out that Ava, their daughter of eleven months was their everything.

   He was very loving towards his little daughter. They told me she just (a week ago) made her first steps and their little girl liked it so much that from that moment on she couldn’t sit still for a second.

   While we were talking, Ava walked towards me and I managed to keep her attention for more than a minute, which was a big accomplishment.

   With her unsteady, shaky steps, she moved between Tyler and me.         

   ”She already likes men better.

   I see you are very comfortable with children,” Lily noticed with a small question mark”

   “Before I started this trip I worked in a children’s home with children who had been placed out of their homes for a variety of reasons. They needed structure and security and we were constantly trying to give it to them.”

   “Now I understand your desperate need for this trip,” was the logical conclusion of Lily.

   “Is it true, is that the reason?” Flo changed the reaction of Lily in a question.

   “Yes, it is! If you like I can tell you the story!”

   Tyler was the first one who reacted.

   “Time enough because it will take Nathan a while before his big appearance.”

   I told them the story, the one I added in the chapter with the title    

   “Antonius House”.

   I was so in my storytelling mode that I did not notice someone entering the room.

   Suddenly a beautiful girl was standing in front of me waiting for the right moment to introduce herself.

   My first thought was, that the neighbor just came in for a chat with Flo or Nathan.

   She had long brown hair, a leather miniskirt, panties and stiletto high heels.

   She had fabulous long legs and her outfit accentuated her perfect body.

   She had a beautiful sympathetic and intelligent face and that was what confused me, her intelligent face did not match the somewhat slutty outfit.

   I did not know where to look, a typical man thing, so my problem not hers.

   I must have looked very silly because she laughed and told me,

   “Sorry for this sudden appearance, I am Natasha.”

   “What! Your Natasha and Nathan!”

   “Yes, do you like it?” She turned around.

   I blushed from tip to toe and saved myself from this situation by saying;

   “We were waiting for you.

   Flo and I have to go to the kitchen to do the last preparations for dinner.

  Dinner will be ready in ten minutes.”

  In the kitchen, Flo and I laughed about my reaction.

  The fish soup was already heated once so it was ready within a few minutes.

   The salmon was already half way baked so after the soup we only needed a few more minutes to finish the fish. The Spaghetti was already cooked and the ingredients were already in it, it only needed a few minutes to reheat.

   I asked Flo to get the soup plates so we could serve the soup.

   Both with two plates we entered the dining room and gave them to our guests and one to Flo.

   I returned to get the last plate and the already cut bread. A while after we’d finished the soup Flo and I went back into the kitchen with all the soup plates to finish the main dish.

   It took us only five minutes before we entered the dining room again with four plates of salmon and Spaghetti on it.

   With some more bread and some more wine, we continued dinner. After an hour, we came in with the ice cream covered with chocolate.

   Last but not least, a coffee with a liqueur completed dinner.

   During dinner, we had some interesting topics for a lively conversation.

   First Natasha told us all about her life as Natasha and about Nathan.

   “I started cross-dressing when I was twelve, wearing clothes from my sister who was a few years older than me. I especially was interested in her miniskirts. It felt so exciting when I slipped a skirt over my legs and ass. Sometimes I am searching in my memory what brought me to this strange affection, but I think it just happened. It is probably genetic or congenital determined.

   When I was twenty, I bought my first women’s dress.

   One day, without any reason I found myself walking through the women’s clothing sections of a store.

   It felt as if I was in heaven!

   Discretely I picked out a dress and held it close to my body, trying to find out whether it would fit me.

   My heart was pounding when I carried this sexy dress to the cashier and nervously told her that it was for my wife.

   I think she believed my lie!

   I paid for the dress and then walked to my car with an excited feeling.   

   I was still living with my parents so I had to sneak the dress into the house and into my room.

   I locked my door and slipped into the dress and it fitted perfectly and it felt so soft against my skin!

   I am twenty four now and have always been sexually attracted to men, but I only get horny with guys when I’m dressed as a woman and when men cannot get their eyes off my body.

   That is why I dress like a hooker. 

   For myself, I can be transsexual and keep my male genitals. I am both Nathan and Natasha. I don’t have to choose between the two.

   When I feel like Nathan, I’ll dress as Nathan. When I feel like Natasha, I’ll dress as Natasha. I’m both male and female, depending on my mood.

   As Natasha I’ve been shaving my body and wearing a bra and various wigs. I use makeup, powder, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and other cosmetics trying to look as feminine, pretty, attractive, and sexy as possible.

   Four years after I bought my first dress, I now have a ton of clothes, dresses, skirts, stockings, skinny jeans, high heels, jewelry, and other things.

   Often I go out, dressed as Natasha and visit bars, both straight and gay, nightclubs and shopping malls.

    I agreed with Flo not to let my lovers into the apartment. Flo and I want to keep it our very private place or else everything gets too complicated.”


   Flo went on where Natasha ended

   “Most men receive a cold shower from me because thirty percent of the men want to have sex with my body and try to ignore my face.     

   Thirty percent of the men have a crazy, twisted kind of fascination and they get horny because of “the Beast”.

   The last thirty percent wants to have sex to make them feel good about themselves; they think they are tolerant, because they think they have no problem with my face.

   However, they endlessly tell me that my face is not important and that it is all about my character. Bloody shit, my face is very important!    

   The few that act normal, like for instance, Nathan, I mostly do not feel physically attracted to.

   I will not compromise I’d rather stay single.”

   Mission impossible,” Tyler teased her and they both bursted out laughing.


   After dinner, I kept my promise and told them I would start doing the dishes and Natasha offered to help me.

   When we were in the kitchen Natasha used her, I cannot say charm, but more her hot body to seduce me.

   It was difficult to keep in mind that she was really a he.

   I tried to keep those damned hormones under control because I preferred to continue an evening with everyone at the dinner table, more than a sexual event with Natasha.    

   While we were still finishing the dishes I tried to let her know, not to go further than teasing, by telling her about the personal coach John I met at a bar in Panama City hoping that that would help.

   She was not intending to give-up so easily.

   “Listen Peter, you’re from Amsterdam, you are horny, if you are not even letting me give you one kiss I’d feel very insulted and rejected.”

   I didn’t want to let this get out of hand and I was sure that this was just a sophisticated play of Natasha which she’d normally practice in bars.   

   Hoping, that no reaction was enough to let her stop I did not answer.  

   While we finished doing the dishes she slowly but surely drove me into a corner of the kitchen and when she stretched herself to place the last plates in the cupboard she pushed herself against me.

   I smelled her perfume and her breasts felt real and for a moment, the combination turned me on.

   She looked straight at me and whispered in my ear 

   “One kiss is not too much to ask?

   Do not insult me.”

   It was all a very uncomfortable, but exciting feeling.

   It’s a mixed feeling you can compare with when you are watching a romantic movie with your girlfriend, which you never even had kissed and the scene suddenly changed in a very hot sex-scene between two lovers, your stomach turns in a nice way but you are not really comfortable with it.   


   Many thoughts went through my head, 

   She is beautiful, but she is a he,

   only one kiss! She probably wants more!

   She looks like a perfect woman but she dresses like a prostitute.

   It’s a new experience and nobody has to know it.

   Why not!


   Natasha did not want to wait anymore.

   My hesitation was a yes for her. She took my head in her left hand and started to kiss me with the intention that it was an all the way kiss.    

   The first few seconds I did not reject, her perfume was intoxicating.

   For her it was an encouragement to put her right hand on the fly of my pants.

   At that moment, the whole magic was gone and I started to struggle to get out of her reach.

   Natasha stopped right away, but I saw that she was hurt, insulted even.

   She left the kitchen without saying anything and went straight to her room. 

   Bewildered and in an automatic mode I finished cleaning before I went to the others.

   They already knew something had happened in the kitchen.

   Before they could ask me Natasha left her room.

   She told everyone that, because she had put a lot of effort into dressing up like Natasha and some people do not value this enough, she would go out to find a real man with a real dick instead of his little Willy.       

   Before we knew, she was gone.